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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishambienceam‧bi‧ence, ambiance /ˈæmbiəns/ noun [singular]  FEEL HAPPY/FRIGHTENED/BORED ETCthe qualities and character of a particular place and the way these make you feel syn atmospherepleasant/relaxing/friendly etc ambience The restaurant’s new owners have created a welcoming ambience.
Examples from the Corpus
ambienceAmbience is as important to a business's success as the product you sell.An ambience of embattled loneliness hovers over most of them.This ambitious and cumbersome attraction was totally out of keeping with the Niagara ambience, but Barnett persisted.They provided background music while people ate and talked, played cards, to give you a pleasant ambience.It has 10 floors, with elevators, and a musty, professional ambience.After a day in the office, even I felt the benefit of the quiet ambience.Braitman and Ehrenzweig like having it where they live, and feel its cooperative, relaxed ambience is very San Francisco.The restaurant's ambience makes you feel you're sitting down to dinner in the dining room of an old friend.Prices aren't too high at the Osteria, and the ambience is bright and inviting.The only difference was the ambience of a twentieth-century Arabian hospital.The ambience of the pub is equally important.Winnetka has that small-town ambience of tree-lined streets and a one-street shopping district that you can't find in suburbia.pleasant/relaxing/friendly etc ambienceInside, the decor is elegant and traditional, the gentle colour scheme creating a relaxing ambience.They provided background music while people ate and talked, played cards, to give you a pleasant ambience.Inside there are old beams, inglenook fireplaces, oriental carpets and a warm and friendly ambience.Now, Kirov had suddenly injected a chilling air of despondency into that pleasant ambience.
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