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ambient temperature/light etc

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishambient temperature/light etcambient temperature/light etcTMT technical the temperature etc of the surrounding area ambient
Examples from the Corpus
ambient temperature/light etcOdour emissions are affected by wind direction, temperature inversion, ambient temperatures and humidity.Homeothermy or Homoiothermy Temperature regulation in tachymetabolic species in which core temperatures remain roughly steady despite ambient temperature changes.It really comes into its own with flash as the metering balances the flash against the ambient lighting conditions with great results.The ambient temperature for each day of the study was determined from local weekly weather statistics.The ambient temperature in Celsius is roughly equal to the number of cricket chirps in 8 seconds plus 5.If you space heat then you will have an ambient temperature of 75-80°F and even higher humidity.
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