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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishambitam‧bit /ˈæmbɪt/ noun [singular] formal  LIMITthe range or limit of someone’s authority, influence etcremitfall within the ambit of something areas falling within the ambit of our research
Examples from the Corpus
ambitI recollect having urged Wigg on many occasions to limit the ambit of the Profumo affair.Restaurants, cafes and public houses are outside the ambit of that class of use and planning permission is therefore required.The Government is proposing to bring the majority of these buildings within the ambit of local authority control.Justice entailed bringing all relations within the ambit of divine order.The ambit of this appears very wide.The ambit of this discretion will now be reviewed in more detail.The first class is of wider ambit than the second and exists only during the period of employment.
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