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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishamendsa‧mends /əˈmendz/ noun   make amends (to somebody/for something)
Examples from the Corpus
amendsAfter his death, the scientific community made amends for their initial disrespect by naming the metric unit of energy after him.Both missed with other attempts before Stephens made amends in the second half, landing another three penalties and kicking three conversions.Bayezid subsequently made amends by building a mosque in front of his palace and appointed a place for himself therein.When they break a window playing ball or lose something that belongs to a friend, they should make amends.Pac Bell has sought to make amends with the Stinsons by agreeing to pay their cellular phone bill.Since that time, Feinstein said she has tried to make amends with her longtime political ally and friend.We want to make amends to them.
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