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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishamenitya‧me‧ni‧ty /əˈmiːnəti $ əˈme-/ ●○○ noun (plural amenities) [countable usually plural]  SERVICESsomething that makes a place comfortable or easy to live in The hotel is in the city centre, close to shops and local amenities. houses that lack basic amenities (=basic things that people need, such as heat and running water)
Examples from the Corpus
amenityClearly this was unacceptable both from an amenity point of view and for access by emergency services.Modern resorts offer every amenity for shopping during the day, and a choice of clubs, discos and casinos at night.They'd built estates after the war with no amenities at all and they didn't learn from that either.The Rocks makes an ideal base camp convenient to shopping, the harbor and other amenities.The small town has all the amenities of a large city.We were drawn to Oak River because of location, value, diversity of people, and the amenities the city offers.basic amenitiesFar fewer houses for example lack basic amenities.The conditions are very poor and overcrowded, as there is a total lack of the most basic amenities.Many live in simple huts with only the most basic amenities.In many developing societies the lack of basic amenities, such as clean water and proper sanitation, produces an inherently unsafe environment.An innovative renewal programme gave the urban poor legal protection, provided basic amenities and encouraged self-help work.
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