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American Revolutionary War, the

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary EnglishAmerican Revolutionary War, thethe American Revolutionary WarAˌmerican Revoˌlutionary ˈWar, the (also the American Revolution, the American War of Independence) especially British English  (1775–83) the war in which people in Britain’s colonies (colony) in North America became independent and established the United States of America. The Americans thought they were being treated unfairly, because they had to pay taxes to Britain, but they were not represented in the British parliament, so they demanded ‘No taxation without representation.’ They were also angry because they had to pay the cost of keeping the British army in their country, and because Britain would not allow them to develop the area west of the Appalachian mountains. Angry feelings on both sides led to the Boston Massacre and the Boston Tea Party and the war itself began in 1775. General George Washington led the American soldiers and was later helped by the French. In 1776 the Continental Congress rang the Liberty Bell in Philadelphia to tell the people about the Declaration of Independence. The war ended in 1781 when the British surrendered (surrender), and a peace agreement was signed in 1783.
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