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amnesiaam‧ne‧si‧a /æmˈniːziə $ -ʒə/ noun [uncountable]  MIthe medical condition of not being able to remember anythingamnesiac /-ziæk $ -ʒiæk, -ziæk/ noun [countable]
Examples from the Corpus
amnesiaA man suffering from amnesia was identified by his sister, who saw his picture on television.Again he began to wonder if he was suffering from amnesia.For a time, he had amnesia.We may never have amnesia or know anyone who suffers from it.When a new consciousness is brought about it shouldn't bring about historical amnesia as it often does.It would evaporate in institutional amnesia. 15 Banana-Now Time Reengineering and redesign often focus on time compression.He harvested a magnetic puff of amnesia. 2.The woman, who was wearing a camel coat, is suffering amnesia and can give no details of her identity.She was suffering amnesia and taken to Darlington Memorial Hospital.
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