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amoebaa‧moe‧ba (also ameba American English) /əˈmiːbə/ noun [countable]  HBa very small creature that has only one cellamoebic adjective
Examples from the Corpus
amoebaFind an amoeba in a drop of pondwater on a microscope slide.On the map it looks rather like an amoeba in the process of ingesting two small droplets of water.He starts with a hypothetical amoeba, upon which the light of the primeval dawn falls.Place a little acid on one side, and the amoeba will ooze away from the negative stimulus.To counter this, water is secreted into a contractile vacuole as fast as it enters the amoeba.Others, including the amoeba, move by bulging out fingers from the main body and then flowing into them.It is a simple program, sort of the amoeba of communications packages.The amoeba is just as much an animal as the elephant.
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