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among other things

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishamong other thingsamong other thingsAND/ALSOused when you are giving one fact, reason, effect etc but want to suggest that there are many others The substance is used in the manufacture of cosmetics and drugs, among other things. thing
Examples from the Corpus
among other thingsAmong other things, Bradley talked about his days as a senator.Businesses were allowed to pay in equipment and acquired, among other things, a few computers.At the meeting they discussed, among other things, recent events in Eastern Europe.Many nurses were aware of this but feared, among other things, a possible ischaemic element.It results from, among other things, voluntary acts of charity, which government more and more supersedes.Sniping by the president's men has, among other things, forced the foreign minister to resign.New scientific techniques introduced among other things reliable means of dating the prehistoric past.They will have to enter between three huge cans to see, among other things, more than 150 different tins.Or pressure groups like the Baby Milk Action Group which, among other things, campaigns against women being pressurised into bottle-feeding.It was called oratory, and dealt with, among other things, logic and the art of persuasion...
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