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among other things/places/factors etc

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishamong other things/places/factors etcamong other things/places/factors etcINCLUDEused to say that you are only mentioning one or two people or things out of a much larger group At the meeting they discussed, among other things, recent events in Japan. among
Examples from the Corpus
among other things/places/factors etcI'd like him to look specifically at Personnel's computing problems among other things. 3.But that study was highly criticized for poor mammograms, among other things.You have to give Cronenberg credit for nerve, among other things.Sniping by the president's men has, among other things, forced the foreign minister to resign.That could mean, among other things, grouping inmates by race in counseling.That meant, among other things, keeping them from making any deal that gave real estate to the Vietminh.The industrial revolution, among other things, necessarily produced general literacy.It was noticeable, among other things, that she was drinking faster than anybody else.
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