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among yourselves/ourselves/themselves

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishamong yourselves/ourselves/themselvesamong yourselves/ourselves/themselvesTALK TO somebodywith each other The allies found it hard to agree among themselves. among
Examples from the Corpus
among yourselves/ourselves/themselvesAugie and I sat alone, and only Bob Cuffy came to talk to us, the others remaining among themselves.But they might, just might, talk among themselves.Bioethicists disagree among themselves, both in the clinical setting and on matters of public policy.The Huntington Beach mayor is chosen by council members from among themselves by seniority.We know that many among ourselves have given themselves to bondage that they might ransom others.People began to talk among themselves, others to drift off.First, if the political parties can not reach agreement among themselves, the President must become involved in the negotiations.The jockeys then completed nearly a circuit at a gradually increasing pace before deciding among themselves to pull up.
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