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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishamorphousa‧mor‧phous /əˈmɔːfəs $ -ɔːr-/ adjective formal  SHAPEhaving no definite shape or features an amorphous mass of twisted metal
Examples from the Corpus
amorphousThese solids are said to be amorphous.Led by some bishops, we have replaced spirituality with an amorphous concern for the material needs of others.The molten rock hardens into amorphous forms.Aspiration cytology of the neck mass showed only amorphous, necrotic material.This master curve is typical of those obtained on a number of amorphous polymers and to be found in the literature.In her later works, large, amorphous shapes seem to float on the canvas.From the sundeck one could see a hillside with growths of ponderosa and scores of sparkling amorphous swimming pools.Although Patriots capture headlines and boast of a massive underground movement, they are so amorphous that counting them is guesswork.
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