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From Longman Business Dictionaryamortizationa‧mor‧ti‧za‧tion /əˌmɔːtaɪˈzeɪʃənˌæmərtə-/ (also amortisation British English) noun1[countable, uncountable]ACCOUNTING when an asset is amortizedThe law provides for five-year amortization of the first $5 million of acquisition expenses.The drop in operating profit reflected a rise in amortizations, following an increase in industrial investments.Operating profits rose due to smaller amortization charges. compare depreciation, write-off2[uncountable]FINANCE when repayments are made on a loanThe lenders will extend the term of the loan and reduce the amortization of that debt.He asked for a change in the amortization schedule, with interest payments spread over a longer period. see also earnings before interest, tax, depreciation and amortization
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