1 noun
a‧mount1 S1 W1 [uncountable and countable]
1 a quantity of something such as time, money, or a substance
amount of
They spend equal amounts of time in California and New York.
a considerable/large/enormous etc amount
a considerable amount of money
a small/tiny etc amount
a tiny amount of dirt
Please pay the full amount (=of money) by the end of the month.
2 used to talk about how much there is of a feeling or quality
a large/considerable etc amount of something
Her case has attracted an enormous amount of public sympathy.
a certain/fair amount of something
Dina encountered a fair amount of envy among her colleagues.

no amount of something can/will etc do something

used to say that something has no effect:
No amount of persuasion could make her change her mind.

any amount of something

used to say that there is plenty of something, and no more is needed:
The school has any amount of resources and equipment.

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