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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishampamp /æmp/ noun [countable]  1 (also ampere /ˈæmpeə $ -pɪr/)TPEHPE a unit for measuring electric current a 3-amp fuse2 informalTCR an amplifier
Examples from the Corpus
ampBoth materials were removed in a 550-torr helium arc discharge sustained by 28 V at 70 amps d.c.Vox bass amp, 50 watts, new combo, £50.A motorcycle crash unplugged his amp in 1971, and a shattered Berry Oakley died in a similar accident a year later.Conclusion On the good side, the Lakewood amp is crammed with features and it essentially sounds really good.They're closer to the way the older Fenders sounded than any other amp.The really serious financial decisions come when you look at power amp and speaker combinations.Without that amp, I can't survive.As you move around the amp, your eye is drawn towards a mini-fan situated in the input side of the unit.
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