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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishampleam‧ple /ˈæmpəl/ ●○○ adjective  1 ENOUGHmore than enough syn sufficient opp insufficientample time/evidence/opportunity You’ll have ample time for questions later. There is ample evidence that climate patterns are changing.ample room/space etc She found ample room for her things in the wardrobe.see thesaurus at enough2 SEXY literary large in a way that is attractive or pleasant an ample bosomamply adverb Recent US history has amply demonstrated the risks of foreign intervention.
Examples from the Corpus
ampleThese documents provide ample evidence of their guilt.Hard work, ample food and a neat change of clothes into the bargain.There is ample freedom to do so.Any small dictionary will provide an ample fund for single word technique.They would operate from roomy vicarages with ample grounds and were welcome guests at the highest tables in their parishes.With ample historical evidence on their side, the expansionists replied that visibility was a tested means of swelling research budgets.He was given ample opportunity to express his opinion.You will have ample opportunity to express your opinions during the debate.So there is ample reason to study the rebels today.After ample reflection, I concluded that the primary cause of my troubles was the farm itself.The hotel's main dining room has ample room for both dining and dancing.The program would ensure that Arizona has an ample supply of water for the next 20 years.You will have ample time to complete the test.ample room/space etcVentilation: ample room between inner and flysheet for air to circulate, especially when doors at either end are open.Wide lawns provide ample room for blankets and folding chairs.This gives ample room for cooking and storage.None the less, there is ample room for improvement.The front bellend uses an extra hooped pole which extends the flysheet forward giving ample room for storage.It's comfortable and not too restrictive and the box foot gives ample room for your feet to move around freely.He saw no fire suppression, but scant brush and ample spacing of pines where wildfires regularly moved through the forests.Always leave ample room on both sides for swinging or ground looping.
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