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amplitudeam‧pli‧tude /ˈæmplɪtjuːd $ -tuːd/ noun [uncountable]  technicalHPTC the distance between the middle and the top or bottom of a wave such as a sound wave
Examples from the Corpus
amplitudeThe duration and amplitude of rebound pressure increased as the distension volume increased.A stock index does not oscillate with such frightening amplitude as we have witnessed recently unless to announce some tectonic change ahead.After menopause theses daily rhythms decline in amplitude towards zero.The current warming of the Pacific Ocean is unequaled in amplitude.It is possible that a dilated colon would generate only very low amplitude contractions that are not distinguished during manometric studies.He is able to specify a rule for what that amplitude should be.Should the value of a variable be represented by the amplitude of the output or by the location of nodes?The amplitude histogram shown in Fig. 1 c scored 190 using this procedure.These ultradian rhythms are present in adults also, even though their amplitude is less than that of the 24-hour rhythm.
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