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amputeeam‧pu‧tee /ˌæmpjəˈtiː/ noun [countable]  MIsomeone who has had an arm or a leg amputated
Examples from the Corpus
amputeeThis has denied amputees such as Moi one of their only sources of income.A tiny, wood and straw stilt hut, it stands close to the ground to allow easy access for amputees.The main problem in Chechnya today is how to find artificial limbs for amputees.Rickels, as do many amputees, wears a harness on his shoulders and back.Also patron of amputees, basketweavers, gravediggers, and hermits; he is invoked against eczema.Not to mention wasted opportunity for the thousands of amputees better deserving of such an opportunity.Sheisshaus was now a quadruple amputee, victim of Würstchen's over-enthusiasm in trying to apply a Band-Aid.As the Scouts approached the amputee, he was attempting to rock the weight of the cauldron.
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