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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishamuletam‧u‧let /ˈæmjələt, -let $ -lət/ noun [countable]  LUCKYa small piece of jewellery worn to protect against bad luck, disease etc
Examples from the Corpus
amuletHe handed over a ring and an amulet that I recognised.Any infant protected by an amulet bearing the names of the angels would be immune from her attentions.If they had asked, I would have pulled them myself, woven them into an amulet.A Weston light meter in a leather case dangled from his neck like an amulet.She found bronze cloak pins, clasps, bead amulets and hair-combs.Like his men, he was protected by magical Buddhist amulets that were knotted into the scarf.
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