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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishamuseda‧mused /əˈmjuːzd/ ●●○ adjective  1 FUNNYif you are amused by something, you think it is funny and you smile or laughamused at/by Ellen seemed amused by the whole situation. I could see she was highly amused (=very amused). The man looked a little amused. He won’t be very amused (=he will be annoyed) when he finds out what’s happened to his garden.an amused smile/look/expression etc2 keep somebody amused
Examples from the Corpus
amusedNorman, understandably, was not amused.Wendy and I were at once amused and embarrassed, but also concerned lest he be mown down by a passing train.I was amused and relieved at the easily-remedied cause of the blockage: cased caddis larvae.His expression was one of amused and slightly sinister detachment, which reminded Huy strangely of the young king's.But the public reaction seemed one of amused appreciation rather than of apprehension.They seemed amused at his embarrassment.My grandmother seemed to be highly amused by my remarks.She stood watching them with an amused expression on her face.Among my acquaintances there are some who like to seem amused or amazed by my weapons.When I told him what had happened, he sounded amused rather than annoyed.She was greeted with a sympathetic, and rather amused smile.James watched with an amused smile.Coach Montgomery seemed more amused than irritated at Shane's attempt to catch the ball.an amused smile/look/expression etcOn other sites it is no more than an amused smile and a wave of the hand.As if we were royalty, Alec thought with an amused smile; as if we were Tudors or Plantagenets.Susskind Eikhl watched me with an amused look in his eyes.
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