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amusement park

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ldoce_005_damusement parkaˈmusement ˌpark noun [countable]  DLa large park with many special machines that you can ride on, such as roller coasters and merry-go-rounds
Examples from the Corpus
amusement parkAnd of course there is the famous Blackpool Pleasure Beach, a 4O acre amusement park, to visit.Last year Demi, who co-starred in Ghost, hired an amusement park for 37-year-old Bruce's big day.At the same time, you can do so without having to turn your branch into an amusement park.The age-oriented community was conceived as a combination housing development and amusement park for active seniors.The famous amusement park built in the heart of Copenhagen.Fifteen miles away, you can visit the Lightwater Valley with its amusement park for children.From his ever-changing complexion to his personal menagerie and private amusement park, Jackson has long cultivated an aura of eccentricity.
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