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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishanan /ən; strong æn/ ●●● S1 W1 indefinite article, determiner  XXused when the following word begins with a vowel sounda an orange an X-rayan-an- /ən, æn/ prefix  1 XXthe form used for a before a vowel sound2 NOT HAVEnot syn without anarchy (=without government) anoxia (=a condition caused by lack of oxygen)
Examples from the Corpus
-an-an /ən/ (also -ean, -ian) suffix 1 [in adjectives and nouns]XX someone or something of, from, or connected with a particular thing, place, or person suburban Jamesian2 [in nouns]XX someone skilled in or studying a particular subject a historian (=someone who studies history)
Examples from the Corpus
-ana Republicanan AmericanAppalachian musicLutheran theologysuburban housingthe Roman Empire
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