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an acquired taste

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishan acquired tastean acquired tasteLIKE somebody OR somethingsomething that people only begin to like after they have tried it a few times acquire
Examples from the Corpus
an acquired tasteFor many people, her dry humor is an acquired taste.But the Moodies, propelled by pseudo-symphonic arrangements and mysticism, always were and always will be an acquired taste.Much of this is actually linguistics, however - something of an acquired taste.Protective poison, an acquired taste.They are like sushi, maybe an acquired taste.They are rich in proteins and vitamins of the B group, but they are an acquired taste.Curry is an acquired taste and heavily spiced food is surely not suitable for the stomachs of very young children.It is an acquired taste but very refreshing.It is an acquired taste for sensitive palates but a lot of hungry people are only too happy to tuck in.
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