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an act of faith

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishan act of faithan act of faithTRUSTsomething you do that shows you trust someone completely Allowing Ken to be in charge of the project was a total act of faith. faith
Examples from the Corpus
an act of faithAllowing Ken to be in charge of the project was a total act of faith.It was by an act of faith in his science that a trim Shepelev crawled into the chamber and sealed the door.This is where boating turns into an act of faith.To conclude that the universe exists because it permits us to exist is an act of faith, not reason.The objection to the claim is that it is mere assertion or, more kindly, an act of faith.There is no continuous evolution towards it; it requires, somewhere along the line, an act of faith on the part of management.It is, even, a bit of an act of faith comparing two concurrent campaigns' performance.Six were at sea, on the business of trade - an act of faith that he might have cause to regret.It was an act of faith to open up and know that we might not have any money two weeks later.
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