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an object of pity/desire/ridicule etc

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishan object of pity/desire/ridicule etcan object of pity/desire/ridicule etcGETsomeone or something that is pitied, wanted etc She feared becoming an object of ridicule. sports cars and other objects of desire an object of study sex object object
Examples from the Corpus
object of studyFor such a theory has at its heart an object of study completely different to that which theory treats in other genres.Science does not deal with its objects of study in their full concreteness.It is only by concentrating on the differential element that literary studies can maintain its specific object of study.But he is teaching something which is the object of study of linguistics, and is described by linguistic methods.While we agree with this, we would add another major obstacle, namely problems of definition of the object of study.Some natural sciences, confident of the uniformity of their objects of study, have adopted the intensive design.
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