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anaesthetican‧aes‧thet‧ic (also anesthetic American English) /ˌænəsˈθetɪk◂/ ●○○ noun [countable, uncountable]  MDa drug that stops you feeling painunder anaesthetic The operation will have to be done under anaesthetic (=using anaesthetic). Eye surgery is often performed using a local anaesthetic (=one that only affects a particular area of your body). You will need to have a general anaesthetic (=one that makes you completely unconscious).anaesthetic adjective [only before noun] anaesthetic drugs
Examples from the Corpus
anaestheticSeventy percent hepatectomy was performed as described by Higgins and Anderson under ether anaesthetic.The operation takes around 15 minutes under general anaesthetic.A needle is inserted between two of your vertebrae after a local anaesthetic has been applied.Perhaps general anaesthesia should be combined with pre-emptive local and regional anaesthetic blocks more often.My first meal was days later because, as ever, the migraine kicked in after the anaesthetic.He/she will decide on your fitness to receive the anaesthetic.Volatile anaesthetics, such as Enflurane, Halothane and Isflurane, are vaporised into the gas mixture administered to the patient.We are having to amputate the arms and legs of three, four and five year olds - without anaesthetic.general anaestheticElectrodiathermy to cauterize the cervix requires a general anaesthetic and is falling into disuse.A cone biopsy, which removes rather more tissue, requires a general anaesthetic.The report recommends that alternative methods of pain and anxiety control should be used to reduce further the use of general anaesthetics.But she decided Daniel's frail body would not stand up to the painful general anaesthetics and blocked the treatment.The operation takes around 15 minutes under general anaesthetic.They were both born by Caesarean, one under general anaesthetic and one under an epidural.The op - under general anaesthetic - was to remove a damaged cartilage in his left knee.The procedure, which doctors claim has already saved one marriage, is carried out under general anaesthetic.
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