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anaesthetista‧naes‧the‧tist (also anesthetist American English) /əˈniːsθətɪst $ əˈnes-/ noun [countable]  MNa doctor or nurse who has been specially trained to give people anaesthetics
Examples from the Corpus
anaesthetistEamonn is a scientist and Arthur an anaesthetist, both in Dublin.His wife Anne is a consultant anaesthetist, and they have two children - Jane, aged four and 18-month-old Andrew.A sleepy anaesthetist arrived - looked about 18 years old - a little disconcerting.Assisting the anaesthetist to monitor the patient during anaesthetic and recovery to prevent complications to breathing and circulation.Peri-operative period Circulatory function will be monitored and maintained by the anaesthetist.I couldn't stop talking and kept thanking the anaesthetist profusely.The anaesthetist tried three times to insert it.
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