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anagraman‧a‧gram /ˈænəɡræm/ ●○○ noun [countable]  ALa word or phrase that is made by changing the order of the letters in another word or phrase ‘Silent’ is an anagram of ‘listen’.
Examples from the Corpus
anagramChambers suggested-Learlington, as an anagram of Nora Telling.Florida is an anagram of Rid Of Al.I decided on an anagram, Neela.Indeed deliberately making all the tricky names into anagrams may be an easier way to work through the map for non-Gaelic speakers.What chance have we lowland city folk got when we're confronted with maps covered in names that look like anagrams?Apart from Holsten Pils, which is obviously, mind-shatteringly brilliant, I mean, anagrams, who'd have thought it?Lousy crossword today, clever-clever, too many obvious anagrams.
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