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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishanaloguean‧a‧logue (also analog American English) /ˈænəlɒɡ $ -lɒːɡ, -lɑːɡ/ adjective  1 analogue clock/watch2 technical analogue technology uses changing physical quantities such as voltage to store datadigitalanalogue computer/circuit/technology
Examples from the Corpus
analogue computer/circuit/technologyA striking feature of all these initiatives is their use of analogue technology.The final technique for producing a velocity profile involves a voltage.controlled oscillator with the controlling voltage generated by an analogue circuit.When lock is achieved, the digital detector is switched out of circuit to avoid noise denigration in the analogue circuit.Provided that post-storage image processing is not a major priority, analogue technology is effective.An early form of analogue computer, the astrolabe was primarily designed to solve problems of spherical trigonometry to shorten astronomical calculations.The need for analogue computers will grow with the realization that whole new fields will be opened up by evolutionary computing.It is a key prediction of this chapter that in the future analogue computers will outnumber digital ones.Evolutionary computing needs analogue computers with a digital storage of genetic material and noise to demonstrate its true effectiveness.
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