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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishanalystan‧a‧lyst /ˈænəl-ɪst/ ●●○ W3 AWL noun [countable]  1 EXAMINEsomeone whose job is to think about something carefully in order to understand it, and often to advise other people about it Political analysts expect the Conservatives to win.investment/financial/business analyst Cleary has been working as a computer analyst in Winchester.2 MPDOCTORa doctor who helps people who have mental or emotional problems by making them talk about their experiences and relationships syn psychoanalyst systems analyst
Examples from the Corpus
analystIn January it revealed that its orders were down from a year ago; analysts think its earnings will follow.Entry-level budget analysts may receive some formal training when they begin their jobs.After this review process, budget analysts consolidate the individual department budgets into operating and capital budget summaries.At current Nikkei levels, analysts believe most banks already have implicit losses on these equity portfolios.a stock market analystThere is a sense, then, in which the analyst is creating the text which others will read.The company told analysts last week that chemical earnings would likely dip by more than 50 percent in 1996.computer analystSpafford Hutchinson, a computer analyst, had heard the television ads of Republican presidential candidate Steve Forbes.The people who had put her in such a tizzy were a solicitor, a computer analyst and some one in advertising.Details of existing computer systems as would be known by computer analysts or programmers or even users of the system.Mrs Vince and her computer analyst husband, from Grimsby, Humberside, have visited their babies in the neonatal unit.The role of the computer analysts may be more of facilitator than designer, helping to realise the users' wishes.
From Longman Business Dictionaryanalystan‧a‧lyst /ˈænəl-ɪst/ noun [countable]JOB someone who is a specialist in a particular subject, market, industry etc and examines information relating to it in order to give their views about what will happen or should be doneThe company’s senior oil analyst said that OPEC may need to cut production to balance the market.Internet analysts agree that security is a big issue.an analyst with the Ministry of Defence business analyst computer (industry) analyst credit analyst financial analyst industry analyst investment analyst systems analyst technical analyst
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