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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishanalyticalan‧a‧lyt‧ical /ˌænəlˈɪtɪkəl/ ●○○ AWL (also analytic /ˌænəlˈɪtɪk◂/) adjective  1 EXAMINEthinking about things in a detailed and intelligent way, so that you can examine and understand things She’s got an analytical mind.analytical method/techniques/approach/skills During the course, students will develop their analytical skills.2 using scientific analysis to examine something analytical chemistryanalytically /-kli/ adverb
Examples from the Corpus
analyticalHe did not want to be too analytical about it either.Alan Townshend, professor of analytical chemistry at Hull, agrees that phasing out carbon tetrachloride is a minor worry.The analytical glint was there now, oddly mixed with her distress.The problem is by no means limited to analytical instruments.The Special Branch, on the other hand, was under G-2 and was principally an analytical organization with no operational control.These are distinct for analytical purposes though in practice they overlap.In addition, Mrs P. Wüstefeld is thanked for her assistance with the experimental and analytical work.analytical method/techniques/approach/skillsThe analytical techniques available to the bureaucracies of modern states are increasingly sophisticated.Part 1 is concerned with analytical techniques, including some aspects of data quality control.A fundamentally different analytical method is to use the concept of bibliographical coupling to construct clusters of co-citing journals.The next chapter will explore some of the analytical techniques that are commonly employed in working capital management.They offer contrasts both in the dynamical basis of rhythmicity and in the analytical methods that have been used to examine them.Since spectrometry forms the basis of most analytical techniques to be described it must first be defined.Some felt that the old analytical approach to science had been played out, that a new approach was called for.His excellent analytical skills were clearly apparent.
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