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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishanatomista‧nat‧o‧mist /əˈnætəmɪst/ noun [countable]  a scientist who studies anatomy
Examples from the Corpus
anatomistConservative and radical scientific ideas were disseminated from Paris by naturalists and anatomists returning home inspired by what they had heard.Medicine began as art; anatomists taught art students at the Royal Academy.But anatomists and physiologists will not find an ape, or a bull, or for that matter instincts.Pre-Darwinian comparative anatomists took the former view; since Darwin, the latter has prevailed.Many anatomists identified three such stages of visual analysis in the cortex.Their methods are those of the anatomist and the geneticist.To the anatomists, the search for order involved the detection of underlying relationships between the structures of different species.
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