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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishancillaryan‧cil‧la‧ry /ænˈsɪləri $ ˈænsəleri/ adjective  1 ancillary workers/staff etc2 formalCONNECTED WITH connected with or supporting something else, but less important than it Agreement was reached on several ancillary matters.
Examples from the Corpus
ancillaryThe developer, Marlin Estates, spent £19m on Wisley and decided to steer clear of ancillary activities and concentrate on golf.The complex includes offices, stables and other ancillary buildings of red brick.A large iron drive-wheel projects high up through the front wall, providing a source of power for ancillary equipment.Criticism by many research workers has led to the development of ancillary measures, involving more sophisticated techniques.Film companies also make money in ancillary sales of T-shirts, toys, and so on.A third cost element is the cost of ancillary services such as the swap fee.Could parents force a local authority to keep schools open during a strike of ancillary workers?
From Longman Business Dictionaryancillaryan‧cil‧la‧ry /ænˈsɪləriˈænsəleri/ adjective1HUMAN RESOURCESancillary workers are the people who do jobs such as cleaning and cooking in places such as schools and hospitals, while the main work is done by teachers, doctors, nurses etcAncillary staff are often poorly paid.2connected with something but less important than the main part of itThese matters are ancillary to the discussion.
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