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ancillary workers/staff etc

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishancillary workers/staff etcancillary workers/staff etcMNworkers who provide additional help and services for the people who do the main work in hospitals, schools etc ancillary
Examples from the Corpus
ancillary workers/staff etcCould parents force a local authority to keep schools open during a strike of ancillary workers?It is the governors, too, who manage the teaching and ancillary staff.No hospital can function well without receptionists, cleaners, administrators, porters and all the other ancillary staff.Often the only staff who live within the school's catchment area are the caretaker and the ancillary workers.Ancillary staff All educational establishments are dependent for their day-to-day running on the ancillary staff.The providers of domestic, portering and ward ancillary staff are also subjected to pressure from staff for the peak-holiday periods.
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