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and all

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishand alland alla) including the thing or things just mentioned They ate the whole fish – head, bones, tail, and all. b) spoken informal used to emphasize a remark that you have just added And you can take that smelly old coat out of here, and all! all
Examples from the Corpus
and allThese provide clean, comfortable accommodation with private facilities, and all are offered on a bed and breakfast basis.Yes, about the fancy dress, the Dior accessories, and all of that.Day after day we were fog-bound in East Anglia and all our aircraft were grounded.The concept of reason and all speculation about personal opinion would ever after be dismissed as tribal, beliefs fabricated by sects.She had survived the accident, and all that mess afterwards.Great determination and guts and all that sort of thing.Six different nationalities were represented, ages were from 24 to 35 and all were from different backgrounds.