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and rightly so

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishand rightly soand rightly sospokenGOOD/MORAL used to say that a decision or action you have just described is fair and morally right, in your opinion A lot of people round here were furious, and rightly so. rightly
Examples from the Corpus
and rightly soFor the most part, criteria of critical reasoning are internal to disciplines or professional fields, and rightly so.It will undoubtedly be one for public debate, and rightly so.Many organizations see this as a blind leap of faith, and rightly so.Such an arrangement would probably be considered out of the question today, and rightly so.The reaction to arguments from silence is usually noisy vituperation, and rightly so.The White House would not put the president in that position again and rightly so.Symphony No. 88 has always been a favourite and rightly so, as well as the Oxford, helped by its nickname.The Bolshevik reputation stood high, and rightly so, for at least they acknowledged the question and officially embraced national independence.We were blamed, and rightly so, for this mess.
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