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and so forth

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishand so forthand so forthSAMEused to refer to other things of the type you have already mentioned, without actually naming them syn et cetera She started telling me about her bad back, her migraines, and so forth. forth
Examples from the Corpus
and so forthThe study included women of different ages, races and so forth.And she thought, oh, maybe she was just overtired, and so forth.By uh by listing factors and so forth.He must choose a diet, exercise, relaxation, and so forth.Motion precedes quiescence, which in turn precedes motion, which in turn precedes quiescence, and so forth.Please would we list our safety equipment, the radio, the distress beacon, and so forth?You browse the Web daily for ideas and download interesting articles from newspapers, magazines and so forth.Try Yahoo listings of organizations and so forth, and Google for mentions on Web pages.Satan has sovereignties and powers and so forth working for him as well.
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