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and the rest

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishand the restand the restBritish English spokenFALSE used to emphasize in a humorous way that a number or amount is really much higher than someone thinks ‘I’d say she’s about 40.’ ‘Yeah, and the rest!’ rest
Examples from the Corpus
and the restSevillana holds 169 billion and the rest is divided among other companies which would also be eligible for the debt securitization program.Lawless and the rest of the lads assumed he had just done several miles of road work.Manion and the rest of the management team were still gathering up their materials when Katherine reentered the boardroom.Councillors rejected completely the proposal for a management board with its implied differentiation of councillors into board members and the rest.It was a bad start to the morning, and the rest of the day lived up to its promise.The front skiers break a trail in the new snow, and the rest glide smoothly behind.
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