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and then some

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishand then someand then somespoken informalMORE THAN A NUMBER OR AMOUNT used to say that the actual amount is probably a lot more than what someone has just said ‘They say he earns $2.5 million a season.’ ‘And then some.’ some
Examples from the Corpus
and then someThis book will tell you everything you wanted to know about wine - and then some.He met his goal, and then Some.It usually does, and then some.That they did, and then some.The Becketts have a full house and then some.This is a team that will need both, and then some.So many corpses; and then some more, to sugar the porridge of death.But every now and then some patient managed to break through the mental barrier erected by training, habit, and self-defence.Some other examples are given of this approach, and then some systems are considered which extend non-statistical methods.
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