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(and) what’s more

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English(and) what’s more(and) what’s moreAND/ALSOused to add more information that emphasizes what you are saying I’ve been fortunate to find a career that I love and, what's more, I get well paid for it. more
Examples from the Corpus
(and) what’s moreAll stylishly embossed with your club's emblem. What's more, each item carries an equally attractive price tag.And what's more, I can always teach.And what's more it's clean.And what's more it's encouraging people to be brief and efficient.The company is perceived through its design, is judged by it. What's more, people buy design rather than function.And what's more, scarce a word out of you.What's more, the price of a mobile home often includes appliances.And what's more, they're free!These detergents are environmentally friendly; what's more, they're relatively cheap.Yes, it had a heater and, what's more, you could even have air conditioning and automatic transmission.
(and) what’s more(and) what’s moreused when adding information that emphasizes what you are saying Gas is a very efficient fuel. And what’s more, it’s clean. what
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