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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishanemica‧ne‧mic /əˈniːmɪk/ adjective  x-refthe usual American spelling of anaemic
Examples from the Corpus
anemicIndividuals below these measures are considered to be anemic.And, with cash flow still anemic and debt high, the company is scrambling to cut expenses.But they were an anemic bunch.The 125-year-old chain filed for Chapter 11 protections from creditors in July after years of anemic earnings and dwindling sales.It was an anemic performance from a usually intelligent actor.Kodak felt the effects of the anemic retail environment in December, the worst holiday shopping season since the 1991 recession.Those results are particularly anemic when compared to the quality and productivity improvements which the most savvy practitioners prove are possible.Lower oxygen would be anemic, while greater oxygen would be too flammable.
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