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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishanesthesiaan‧es‧the‧si‧a /ˌænəsˈθiːziə $ -ʒə/ noun [uncountable]  x-refthe usual American spelling of anaesthesia
Examples from the Corpus
anesthesiaLaparotomy was carried out under ether anesthesia and cannulation of the bile duct was performed for continuous bile collection.These rarely seen specialists administer local and general anesthesia, handle pain control and monitor your vital signs during the operation.When blood tests are taken, we use local anesthesia, sprayed on the skin.There was no anesthesia, either, for the eighteen stitches it took to close all the wounds.I remember his refusal of anesthesia when he had an operation on his leg and again a seri-ous abscess on his jaw.Such postoperative headaches have traditionally been considered an unavoidable side effect of the anesthesia itself.The doctors investigated their hunch by having 142 randomly selected patients fill out a questionnaire after they re-covered from their anesthesia.Also, she learned that she had been under anesthesia for a much shorter time than she had thought.
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