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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishanewa‧new /əˈnjuː $ əˈnuː/ adverb written  1 start/begin anew2 AGAINif you do something anew, you start doing it again The committee is going to examine the whole situation anew.
Examples from the Corpus
anewAnd then silence again and the whole sequence begins anew.Deng, who had been urging Kim for years to follow his reformist example, encouraged him anew.I hope we can create places where that thought will make its intricate knot anew.The errors of constructivist rationalism stem from the belief that reason alone enables human beings to construct society anew.It also demands that we investigate anew how our lawyers are selected, and how they are trained to fight for us.Fighting began anew on May 15.We shall return to the Rhineland and start our lives anew - please do not try to find us.But there are plenty of things that threaten anew to knock Clinton off his presidential perch.It was decided to keep the marvellous facades of the School of Music and build anew within them.
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