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angelan‧gel /ˈeɪndʒəl/ ●●○ noun [countable]  1 RRa spirit who is God’s servant in heaven, and who is often shown as a person dressed in white with wings the angel Gabriel2 BEHAVEGOOD/MORALsomeone who is very kind, very good, or very beautiful That little girl of theirs is an angel. Sam is no angel (=often behaves badly).3 old-fashioned spoken used when asking someone to help you or when thanking someone for helping you Thanks for mailing those letters, you’re an angel. Be an angel and get me my glasses, will you?4 (also business angel, angel investor) someone who gives new businesses money, often in exchange for a share of the company guardian angel
Examples from the Corpus
angelSome one, possibly all angels, is smiling on them.The Lord supplied nourishment at the hands of an angel.Primo asks if she was playing an angel, like the angel children in the movie.Bernie, you're an angel. What would I do without you?Monsters resuscitate with the same alacrity as angels.Goodnight, angel.The angels had told her to do things discreetly, not to make a big show of generosity or kindness.is no angelClark admits he is no angel.
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