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angry with/at yourself

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishangry with/at yourselfangry with/at yourselfANGRYfeeling strongly that you wish you had done something or had not done something David was angry with himself for letting the others see his true feelings. angry
Examples from the Corpus
angry with/at yourselfA shiver went over her and she became angry at herself.Are we angry with ourselves and blaming something or some one else?He was so angry with himself.I felt a sharp stab of disappointment and was surprised and angry at myself.If you catch yourself worrying about money, then welcome the thought rather than fighting it, or getting angry with yourself.I felt so guilty, do you see, yet I felt so angry with myself for feeling that way.Suddenly she felt angry with herself for having let her emotions get out of control.Those who played were angry with themselves for making mistakes.David was angry with himself for trusting Michael.
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