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animal husbandry

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animal husbandryˌanimal ˈhusbandry noun [uncountable]  TAfarming that involves keeping animals and producing milk, meat etc
Examples from the Corpus
animal husbandryLarge estates also allow for specialization, replacing the general purpose farm with a balanced plant and animal husbandry.Nations around the world are changing animal husbandry practices to block the potential spread of deadly animal disease to the dinner table.He wrote of food, farming, animal husbandry, and village storytellers, of shaman priests and wupo, witches.Thus the early killing age at Walton need not be a reflection of success in animal husbandry.Let us examine the evolution of animal husbandry in the light of these three great, if harsh, truths.The form of animal husbandry adopted depends on the type of facilities available and the nature of the experiments.After breakfast they would work for two or three hours on the School of Animal Husbandry bush clearing or fencing.The great distinction, clearly, is between the areas with and without animal husbandry.
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