Date: 1300-1400
Language: Latin
Origin: animalis 'having life', from anima 'soul'


1 noun
Related topics: Animals
an‧i‧mal1 S1 W1 [countable]
1HBA a living creature such as a dog or cat, that is not an insect, plant, bird, fish, or person:
furry little animals
wild/domestic/farm animals
cattle, sheep, and other domestic animals
The cosmetics have not been tested on animals.
Beth is an animal lover (=someone who likes animals).
2 any living creature that is not a plant or a person:
He can't stand cruelty to animals of any sort.
the animal welfare movement in Britain
the enormous diversity of the animal kingdom
3HBA any living creature, including people:
Man is a highly intelligent animal.
4 informal someone who behaves in a cruel, violent, or very rude way:
Football hooligans are just animals.

a (very/completely/entirely) different animal

informal something that is very different from the thing you have mentioned:
Writing e-mail is a very different animal from all other forms of writing.

a political/social animal etc

informal someone who is interested in politics, in meeting other people etc:
He is simply not a social animal.

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