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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishanimatedan‧i‧ma‧ted /ˈænɪmeɪtɪd/ adjective  1 ENERGETICshowing a lot of interest and energyanimated discussion/conversation The performance was followed by an animated discussion.2 animated cartoon/film/feature etcanimatedly adverb
Examples from the Corpus
animatedAs he talked about her, his face became animated.Yet in the 1870s, Batty Green was the centre of animated activity.Hilda seemed to be getting more animated as her own bafflement and distress increased.Peter was engaged in an animated conversation at the bar.The two Americans were having an animated discussion about basketball.Stephan's animated eyes widened at the mention of Patricia.Mike tends to be more animated in the presence of women.Broadly speaking, constructing an animated movie, such as Tom and Jerry, can be broken into three main procedures.Although the music was animated, only the arms moved.Warner Brothers has bought the rights to the animated Oscar winner.As the evening went on she became quite animated, talking and laughing with the other girls.animated discussion/conversationOne tapestry, for instance, shows an Elf and a Dwarf in animated discussion.They were all running, each in its own characteristic way, like a gathering of old friends in animated conversation.And when that didn't work, he had an animated discussion with team manager Maurizio Mancini before stamping off.
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