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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishannalsan‧nals /ˈænlz/ noun [plural]  1 in the annals of something2 RECORDused in the titles of official records of events or activities the Annals of the Zoological Society
Examples from the Corpus
annalsConsider one example from the annals of air pollution: the effort to reduce the effects of car exhaust on the atmosphere.Wharton's autobiography ranks high in the annals of psychopathology.Yet it remains one of the most fondly remembered lines in the annals of Advertising.He left few marks in the annals of economic discipline.Rarely in the annals of human history has any people committed so much of its treasure to such a noble cause.the Annals of Internal MedicineThe annals also recorded a war between the Romans and the Saxons.The annals of the police courts, and headlines in the newspapers, tell a rather different story.
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