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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishannexean‧nexe, annex /ˈæneks/ noun [countable]  1 a separate building that has been added to a larger one Some of us will be sleeping in the annexe.2 formal a part that has been added to the end of a document, report etc
Examples from the Corpus
annexeBut they could have got into the boarding annexe.I knew he was the clerk from the Town Hall Annexe.A modern annexe houses the Russell collection of early keyboard instruments.She took the correct corridor, found the Salome annexe and climbed up to the attic.Kirkby firemen prevented flames reaching the lower school annexe and nursery school, where classes continued close to normal for 140 youngsters.It was necessary, therefore, to heat the water in the annexe itself.We share the annexe base with nursery nurse students and staff.The annexe need not have been roofed, although there was access to it from the main part of the building.
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